MODX Evolution ScrollFix-Plugin v0.4


Like with many other CMS, one of MODX Evolutions Manager´s disadvantages is the fact that after pressing the "Save"-button, the editing window will always scroll to top. I prepared a plugin to overcome this issue.

Download  ScrollFix-Plugin v0.4 for Modx Evolution


When using many Template-Variables or dynamic TVs like MultiTV with long lists, you will have to scroll all the way down again after pressing "Save". There are already existing ideas and solutions :


Also in Modx Evolution the default action after saving a resource, is to leave the editor. To overcome this issue and put "AlwaysStay" as default I found the following plugin solution made by bezumkin:


To avoid "hacking" core-files after each update and to enable these features comfortably on every site I use Modx Evolution for, I combined both solutions into a single plugin.

NEW: v0.3 features "Fix Tab-Header" to keep the Tab-Buttons always within Viewport by moving the main Scrollbar from Viewport to Tab-Pane
NEW: v0.4 features "Extend Save-Button" to split Save-Button + Dropdown into 3 separate Save-Buttons


Version History and last Release on Github:


Download  ScrollFix-Plugin v0.4 for Modx Evolution

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